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5 Types of Silk Sarees You Must Have In Your Wardrobe

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

India is a macrocosm of cultures where each state contributes its unique traditions. The languages, food, clothing, and lifestyle truly make India stand out for its diverse nature. Sarees being traditional outfits receive enormous attention around the globe. The elegance and intricacy in the designs of sarees have always inspired people to carry on this traditional attire as it represents the core traditions of India.

we have come up with 5 astounding types of silk sarees from India that you can add to your wardrobe and create a collection that represents the whole vibrant cultures of the country itself.

1. Banarasi Silk Sarees

Banarasi silk sarees originated in the ancient city of Banaras (Varanasi). The banarasi silk sarees woven in looms are a treat to even look at. These sarees are popularly used as bridal sarees because of the combination of vivid colors, pristine artistry, breathtaking motifs, and the weaves themselves are an ensemble of art.

Banarasi sarees can be seen with weaves of vibrant silks and silver and golden zari work, elevating and making them suitable for grand occasions like weddings. These threads enhance the sarees as they are melded into traditional motifs, embroideries, and prints. Most heavy handloom banarasi sarees take more than a year to be woven completely, which shows the extent of heavy work being done on each saree. These sarees are blended with pure silk, organza silk (kora silk), brocade, paithani silks, and georgettes to form variants.

2. Paithani - A Maharashtrian Touch

Colourful Paithani Silk Sarees emerge from the Maratha heartland of Maharashtra. This Queen of Silks is one of the ancient craft forms Indian culture has seen. The silk used in weaving Paithani sarees is expensive and was imported in earlier days making the sarees affordable only to the elite and rich. A blending of fabrics made the sarees affordable to everyone thereby allowing everyone to enjoy the beauty and wonders of the paithani weave.

Why should you add Paithani silk sarees to your ethnic collection?

You will get a taste of the Maratha empire blended with the Mugal empire in pure silk. These grand sarees are passed down through generations as heirlooms in many Maharashtrian households. Owning a paithani is a pleasure that never ceases.

3. Kanjivarams - The ultimate silk experience

Kanjivaram sarees represent the cultural ecstasy of traditional silks that hail from the Temple city of Kanchipuram, near the capital city of Tamilnadu, Chennai. A South Indian wedding is incomplete without a kanjivaram silk saree. Women popularly choose these sarees for the sheer elegance of the silk and skillful weaves.

Read more on kanjivaram sarees here.

4. Patola Sarees of Gujarat

Patola sarees contain fine work done throughout the sarees. These regional sarees of India have their origin in Gujarat and are available in fine silks. The floral designs on patola sarees are handwoven. These sarees are lightweight, premium, and suitable for traditional occasions.

5. Brasso Silk Sarees

Brasso sarees are known for beauty and ease of use and are a blend of modern weaving techniques and traditional designs. They are also famous for designs filled with prints, floral motifs, and various other traditional prints. So, if you want to add a precious piece to your saree collection, then you should have the majestic Brasso silk sarees in your wardrobe.

These 5 types of silk sarees that can transform your life into a beautiful one must be cherished. Check ourt more of such sarees on Kolour. Buy beautiful silk sarees and fill your wardrobe with happiness.

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