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Latest Patola Silk Saree Collection

Patola silk sarees online for wedding and family gathering

Patola silk sarees are very famous and preferred outfit in the Indian wedding and family gathering functions. As Patola saree gives very rich look due to presence of weaving of parrots, flowers, elephant and dancing figures across saree. Patola silk saree an inevitable part of weddings mainly around Gujrat and central state of India.


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Latest patola silk sarees online

Patola Sarees or Patolu saree hail from the Patan from Gujrat Satete of India. Patola saree is very popular all over the world for its finesse and grandeur. A handloom Patola saree passed down through genereations is indeed a precious heirloom, making it priceless.

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How to take care of your Patola silk sarees

1. Patola silk sarees are delicate and requires care to maintain shine and feel. It is ideal to dry clean the saree for its long life and shine.

2. If you are washing at home, use cold water and mild shampoo. Never wring the saree after wash as it will spoil your saree. Wash borders and pallu separately to maintain the shine of the Patola silk saree.

3. Refold and airate your saree once in 3 to 4 months.

4. Never directly iron your saree. Iron it over a cotton cloth to protect the shine of the saree..

5. It is best to store the patola saree in a muslin or cotton bag for longivity.

6. Don't hang silk saree on hanger for long or use chemical agents or any perfumes on the sarees. In case of fungal issues do use moisture absorbants like silica sachets.

Buy Patola Silk sarees Online at Kolour

Now you don't have to go all the way to Gujrat Patan to buy Patola silk sarees. Buy latest collection of Patola silk sarees online at Kolour. Explore the vast range in different shades of patola silk saree at the best price at Kolour


How Patola sarees are made?

Patolas sarees are manufactured by the resist-dyeing process using the warp and weft technique. Patola sarees are woven using silk. It give elegant look and feel due to weaving work of elephant, parrot or flower.

Is patolu and patola are same saree?

The word patola is the plural form whereas patolu is singular form. These words are originated from the place Patan from Gujrat state of India; which is know for original of patola or patolu saree.

How to store patola sarees?

Store your favorite patola sarees wrapped in muslin cloth or in a muslin bag. Pure cotton cloth or bag can be used as well. It is not recommended to hand patola saree over hanger for long duration; better to keep to fold it and keep it in cloth or muslin bag. So that Saree  

Is patola saree is expensive?

Patola sarees are expensive compared to other sarees.  Patola are famous among the royal belonging and aristocratic families. These saree are know for its fine woven work.

How much does a patola saree cost?

Patola silk saree price ranges from thousands to lakhs depending on the weaving work and the silk quality.

When to wear patola silk sarees?

Patola silk sarees are preferred outfit for any auspicious occasion. Indian woman keep at least one patola saree in their her  wardrobe. Patola saree can be use for any occasion like reception, engagement, baby shower.  Green colour patola saree is used in Dohale Jevan function which is nothing but baby shower in Maharashtra.

Where to buy best patola sarees?

Patola silk sarees hail from Patan city of Gujrat state in India. At kolour we curate beautiful patola saree from the manufacturer of product so we are able to bring you the best patola sarees at affordable rates. kolour deals with manufacturer directly and pass the cost benefits to customers. It' is one of the reason that prices of kolour sarees are least in all online platform.  

Patola sarees online
Latest Patola silk sarees online
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