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Paithani Silk Saree Collection

Buy Paithani Sarees Online

Paithani sarees online

Find and buy paithani sarees online with ease at Kolour. Affordable yet stylish paithani saree collection, procured with utmost care is waiting for you. Paithani silk sarees price ranges from thousands to lakhs.


When you buy a paithani saree you buy a piece of tradition that has been followed and cherished by hundreds on generations. Why wait, get hold of a mesmerizing paithani sarees to celebrate your life with grace.

Story of Paithani Silk Sarees 

Paithani silk sarees

Paithani silk sarees have a heritage of 2000 years. The craft is assumed to be orginated near ajanta caves by studiying the motifs woven itho the sarees. Paithan, Aurangabad in Maharashtra is considered as the birth place of Paithanis. Mugals, Nizams and Marathas were adorned by this mesmerising weaves.


Paithani sarees are loved by marathi brides due to its ease of use, beauty and convenience. No Maharashtrian marriage is complete without a Marathi Paithani silk saree.  One among the wonderful heritages in cultural India is Paithani Sarees. Paithanis are not only designed as sarees, but also beautiful lehengas

Take Care of your Paithani sarees

Paithani sarees
  • To extend the life of your Paithani silk, spread out the saree in a dry place after every use. Let the Paithani saree breathe for a day. Moreover, you can also decide to do so even when you have not worn the saree for a while.

  • Ensure to avoid any direct contact with the sunlight for an extended period. But do not keep it in a dark place either. 

  • Once you are done airing out the Paithani silk, change the folds of your saree and keep it inside a muslin bag. 

  • While ironing the saree, make sure you iron it from the reverse side.

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Latest Paithani Sarees for Wedding

Maharashtrian paithani sarees are beautifully worn by saree lovers all over the world. Check out the latest paithani sarees perfect for a wedding on Kolour. Celebrate the special moments of your life better way with Kolour.


What is the speciality of Paithani Sarees?

Paithani sarees are handwoven and made of fine quality silk. Paithani sarees were only made to cater the sophisticated class making it a premium and expensive. The saree evolved from a cotton base to silk through time. It's an eminent part of Maharashtrian culture.

How many types of Paithani sarees are there?

Paithani sarees are of many types based on Motifs, Colours and Weaves.

Motifs include Peacock, Parrots, lotus represented individually into the sarees. They are

Morbangadi Brocade, Munia Brocade, Lotus Brocade

Traditionally, there were only three colours recorded in paithani sarees. They are:

Kalichandrakala (Black Saree with red border.), Raghu (Parrot Green coloured saree.), Shirodak (White coloured saree.)

Based on weaves, Paithanis are categorised into two:

Kadial border saree and Kad/Ekdhoti

What is Yeola Paithani saree?

Yeola is a town in Nashik, Maharashtra and known to be the biggest manufacturer of Paithani sarees. Yeola Paithani Sarees are woven in wooden looms and are known for their exquisite beauty and craftsmanship.

What is Yeola Paithani’s saree?
How many types of Paithani sarees are there?
What is the speciality of Paithani Sarees?

What are Peshwai Paithani sarees?

Peshwai paithani sarees

Peshwai paithani sarees are a type of paithani pure silk sarees woven in Yeola and known for its sheer silk quality and grandeur. They were worn by peshwai women during the time of Maratha empire. The sarees were also called as marathi paithani sarees due to its cultural heritage.

Where can I get the best paithani saree online?

Best paithani saree, pune, aurangabad, nashik, nagpur

Get best quality paithani sarees at your door step without any hustle. Explore the majestic paithani saree collection from Kolour now. We deliver paithani sarees in Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, Nagpur and all other parts of India

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