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The elegant touch of banarasi sarees was ever cherished by women of all kinds. The craft of ancient Banaras has seen kingdoms fall and rise, a nation of vivid cultures getting knotted into one and its women evolve and change. Through splendid craftsmanship and the creation of different types, banarasi sarees also found their way to the wardrobes of modern women in India.

Different types of banarasi sarees

Banarasi Katan Silk Sarees:

The soft and fine silks created by twisting together filaments of silk threads to create a sturdier and durable fabric forming the Katan silk sarees. Banarasi brides are more beautiful when they embrace the touch of banarasi kantan silk sarees

Banarasi Khaddi Georgette Chiffon Sarees:

Georgette, the evergreen synthetic fabric blends with banarasi silk threads to form soft and flowing banarasi khaddi georgette chiffon sarees. The light and easy to handle sarees finds a place in every woman's trousseau.

Banarasi Raw Silk Sarees:

The basic raw form of banarasi silk fabric without any mix or blend of other fabrics are used to make the beautiful and pure raw silk banarasi sarees.