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Indian wedding lehenga trends for brides in 2022

Updated: May 16, 2022

Bridal trends are ever-changing. Indian weddings are always colourful enough to bring out the celebratory mood in everyone. With the summer wedding season on, we are exploring bridal lehenga trends in 2022. Let's see what are the colours and styles that are trending now and be ready to witness some dazzling hues.

Trending colours of bridal lehengas in 2022

Explore from the elegance of pastels to unique and refreshing hues in bridal lehenga designs of 2022. Behold, the colour riot is to begin;

Technicolour lehengas

Source: Pinterest

Have you ever felt, going for a single or two colours won't represent your persona? If yes, Technicolour metallic and non-metallic lehengas have arrived. The vibrance of the lehengas shouts the happiness and emotions you hold for the ceremony. Greet your happiness with technicolour lehengas.These lehengas have taken the fashion industry by storm. Technicolour metallic lehengas are so beautiful and blissful.

Pastel lehengas

Being traditional yet modern is the choice of your bridal look? A pastel lehenga is the right bet. These lehengas have been flooding the wedding arenas for the past few years. Pastel lehengas are still going strong with the elegance that exudes from them and makes every bride blush. A beautiful pastel lehenga can be your choice from the bridal lehenga trends in 2022.

The class of white - Classic white lehengas

Whites were not so popular as bridal wear for a long time. Brides with unique taste in colours embraced the hues of white for their bridal affairs. Since then white lehengas are trending in bridal fashion. If you have a simple and unforgettable wedding in mind, take a look at the white lehengas offered by designers.

Offbeat bridal lehengas

Are you a rule breaker? Offbeat lehengas are the best bet for you. We came across beautiful brides in offbeat lehengas having their time of life. Unconventional bridal looks are not so unconventional anymore.

Styles of Indian wedding lehengas in 2022

Metallic lehengas

Metallic lehengas are thriving in Indian bridal market now. Be it technicolour lehengas or simple metallic lehengas, they are wanted. 2022 is the year of metallic sheen in Indian wedding industry.

Grab a metallic lehenga and glam up your wedding day a notch high.

Traditional lehengas

Many trends will come and go, some of us stay rooted in the culture and heritage we were born to. A red traditional lehenga is the epitome of cultural ceremonies in many parts of India. Adorn your inner bride with a traditional touch in a beautiful traditional lehenga. This timeless lehenga will stay close to your heart forever.

Shimmering lehengas

Add a touch of glimmer to your special day. Shimmering lehengas will doll you up to the perfect happy bride. Shine with your bae on your wedding day. We can find beautiful brides wearing shimmering lehengas in 2022. The trend is on.

Is this shimmering lehenga your choice from bridal lehenga trends in 2022?

Not sure yet ?

See more below.

Banarasi bridal lehengas

Can't take your eyes off banarasi weaves? You a true banarasi lehenga bride! Create your dream wedding with a beautifully woven bridal banarasi lehenga. Celebrate the special day with elegance and grandeur. Take your pick from awesome banarasi lehengas available from Kolour.

Floral embroidery lehengas

Doesn't the bride look stunning in such a beautiful floral embroidery lehenga?

Wanna go contemporary with your bridal affair? Choose a floral embroidered lehenga. Floral embroidery patterns are making waves in the Indian bridal market.

This bridal season, enjoy the special days being trendy and fashionable by opting one of these style of lehengas in bridal lehenga trends in 2022. Kolour offers trending yet affordable wedding lehenga choli designs online for you. Check out the trending and beautiful collection of latest lehengas on Kolour

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