Traditional Kanjivaram Sarees - An Elegant History

Updated: May 12

Kanjivaram saree - Traditional Vogue

Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram Silk Sarees are popular around the world with a geographical indication to the location of the craft. The traditional kanjivaram sarees are an inevitable part of south Indian culture. A six-yard handloom kanjivaram silk saree is almost every Indian woman’s dream. Here we are exploring curious facts on kanjivarams and the rise of the craft to glory.

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Traditional kanjivaram saree - A south Indian bride

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The Kanchipuram and Kanjeevaram Sarees

Kanchipuram silks or Kanjivaram silk sarees are a rage among saree lovers as it offers an effortlessly flawless and classic look. Kanjeevaram sarees hail from the Kanchipuram district of the state of Tamilnadu. A handloom kanjivaram silk saree evokes the sense of grandiose in minds once draped. Kanchipuram sarees woven with heavy silk and gold cloth are considered to be special and are worn on occasions and festivities

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A handloom kanjeevaram silk saree

Is Kanjivaram (Kanjeevaram) or Kanchipuram the same?

Kanjivaram sarees are called both ‘Kanjeevaram silk sarees’ and ‘Kanchipuram silk sarees’ around the world. They are also spelled as Kanchivaram, Kanjivaram, Kanchiwaram, and Conjeevaram. The silk sarees woven in Kanchipuram town are called Kanchipuram Silk Sarees. During British rule in India, they translated the Kanchipuram Silk to Conjeevaram which later turned out to be Kanjeevaram and Kanchivaram. Ultimately, be it Kanchipuram silks, Kanjivaram silks, Conjeevaram, or Kanchivarams, all refer to the silk woven in the small town of Kanchipuram near Chennai in Tamilnadu.