The Heritage Of Banarasi Silk Sarees, History & Care

Updated: Mar 10

Banarasi Silk Sarees are one of the finest Saree collections in India. The Silver/Golden Zari or brocade work makes it more unique and authentic. The name Banarasi Silk saree came from the heritage city Banaras also known as Varanasi or Kashi. The City knows for its Banarasi silk and holy river Ganga. The city is also known as the Spiritual Capital of India. The Bararasi craft has been performed by various artisans throughout generations.

Beautiful Yellow and Pink shade Banarasi Silk from Kolour donned by Model

Making of Barasari Silk Sarees

In the initial time, Banarasari Silk Sarees are hand-loomed with Banarasi silk thread and Zari. As it has been hand-loomed it took around 15 to 20 days to make a single finest Saree. Banarsi Saree is having Golden or Silver Zari work. In modern-day of technology now Banarasi Saree has been loomed by machines that have significantly speed up the making process of Saree. Now in a day hundreds of Sarees can be loomed by machines. Banaras is considered the origin of Barasari Silk Saree. Banaras or Varanasi or Kashi – is the holy city from Utterpradeshthe state of India. Banarasi saree is a little bit thick compared to other sarees and that makes it a little bit heavy. The normal weight of the Banarasi saree range from 800gms to 1800 gms based on the work present on it. Apart from that these sarees are in the length of 6 to 6.3 Meter in length.

Different Shades of Banarasi Zari Silk saree with heavy embroidery blouse

Different Types of Banarasi Silk Sarees

There are different types of Banarasi Silk Sarees and those are mainly categorized based on fabrics and design techniques in it.

Types of Banarasi Sarees by their fabric includes:​

  • Banarasi Katan Silk Saree or Katan Benarasi

  • Banarasi georgette sarees or Banarasi khaddi Georgette Saree

  • Banarasi Sarees on Shattir fabric

  • Banarasi Chiffon Saree

  • Organza Banarasi Saree or Banarasi Kora Silk Saree

  • Linen Banarasi Saree

​Type of Banasari Saree by its design techniques includes:

  • Jangla Banarasi Saree

  • Tanchoi Banaras