All about paithani sarees colours and how to style them

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Curious about some paithani facts and tips?

You are at the right place. Let's explore the gaudy and beautiful world of paithani sarees, their colours, and some tips to style your cherished paithani sarees. Though paithani is an age-old craft form and had only numerous colours to work with, the paithani sarees colours at present are an example of a craft evolving gloriously through generations. The vibrant colours, floral, and bird patterns that come out of the looms are exquisite.

What are some popular colours and designs in paithani sarees?

What are some trending paithani sarees colours in 2022?

As per the current trend, gold paithani sarees with embroidered body and pallu are widely being preferred for occasions like attending a friend’s wedding, family functions, ethnic days at work, and festival times.

Dard hues like navy blue, dark green paithanis, maroon, black, and classic red with gold borders stay strong without any change.

Magenta and grey paithani sarees have seen a rising number of fans in recent times.

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Trending paithani sarees colours

Now that we have covered colours, let's see how we can style our paithani sarees without turning tides.

Pair with a plain but beautifully tailored blouse, if you have a full-body work paithani saree. A blouse and saree both being of the same pattern can make you look like nothing you want to be like in 2022

Similarly, simple paithanis can be accompanied by gaudy and heavily designed blouses.

Here we go with some awesome paithani saree blouse designs, styles, and patterns that would go well with paithani sarees.