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Paithani saris are an integral part of Maharashtrian culture. Considered as the 'Queen' of saris it is a must for every Maharashtrian for auspicious occasions, festovals and weddings.

Paithani sari signifies years of superfluity and the finesse of Indian handloom, and every piece is characterised with the luxurious and liberal use of threads, as well as floral and bird-inspired motifs. 


This Purple Zari Woven Paithani Silk Saree with flower motifs and beautiful pallu is perfect for any traditional occasion or wedding.

Drape it like a queen and look absolutey beautiful! Kolour is having huge collection of Paithani sarees at lowest cost. Buy this Paithani Saree Online. 


Check a glimpse of the saree here

Purple Zari Woven Designer Paithani Silk Saree

₹4,155.00 Regular Price
₹3,155.00Sale Price
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The Paithani Silk Saree is characterised by borders of woven work and Pallu with unique designer work.

The traditional motifs include parrots, peacocks and lotuses; however, during the Peshwa period, the Hans motif, the Ashraffi motif and the Asawalli were equally popular.

Choose this mesmerizing Purple Zari Woven Paithani Silk Saree and get beautiful look for any festival .

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