Top 9 saree trends in India 2022 | Kolour

Updated: Jun 10

We all have our pets and peeves. For an average Indian woman, sarees are one among the pets that stay close to her heart. Though there are eternal saree designs that rule the saree universe, some explosive saree trends keep coming every year. We can see top 9 saree trends that are taking India by fashion storm in 2022.


Kanjivaram sarees

Kanjivaram sarees are perhaps the most cherished sarees around the globe. An Indian woman who loves sarees wants to have atleast one piece of kanjivaram in her trousseau. The reasons are multiple. The beautiful, elegant, woven, eclectic weaves are made with the finest quality of silk and gold threads, and are designed keeping in mind the occasions and senses of a woman that give meaning to every motif in the saree. These attributes make kanjivaram sarees a grand ensemble of art and craft blended with creativity. The evergreen trending sarees are still on top of the saree trending list.

Banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees are an inevitable part of every Indian woman's wardrobe. As one of the most premium ethnic wears in India, the Banarasi sarees make women beautiful and dazzling. Rich and stunning patterns blended to fine silk make these sarees ideal for all kinds of auspicious occasions, parties, festivals, etc. Mostly Banarasi sarees are worn during weddings and some are passed down as heirlooms. These banarasi sarees captures a second place in saree trends this year.