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Top 9 saree trends in India 2022 | Kolour

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

We all have our pets and peeves. For an average Indian woman, sarees are one among the pets that stay close to her heart. Though there are eternal saree designs that rule the saree universe, some explosive saree trends keep coming every year. We can see top 9 saree trends that are taking India by fashion storm in 2022.


Kanjivaram sarees

Kanjivaram sarees are perhaps the most cherished sarees around the globe. An Indian woman who loves sarees wants to have atleast one piece of kanjivaram in her trousseau. The reasons are multiple. The beautiful, elegant, woven, eclectic weaves are made with the finest quality of silk and gold threads, and are designed keeping in mind the occasions and senses of a woman that give meaning to every motif in the saree. These attributes make kanjivaram sarees a grand ensemble of art and craft blended with creativity. The evergreen trending sarees are still on top of the saree trending list.

Banarasi sarees

Banarasi sarees are an inevitable part of every Indian woman's wardrobe. As one of the most premium ethnic wears in India, the Banarasi sarees make women beautiful and dazzling. Rich and stunning patterns blended to fine silk make these sarees ideal for all kinds of auspicious occasions, parties, festivals, etc. Mostly Banarasi sarees are worn during weddings and some are passed down as heirlooms. These banarasi sarees captures a second place in saree trends this year.

Uppada silk sarees

The state o Andhra Pradesh produces Uppada Silk sarees. Weaving of Uppada silk saree involves, laying out its design, interweaving silk threads, and looming.

These beautiful Sarees are very light in weight, soft and also called uppada soft silk sarees. Prominent designs are checks, plain, various motifs, half and half sarees, pochampally patterns, three lines and stripes.

Organza sarees

The ultra sophisticated organzas are not much of a bling. They are the ones you go to look at what matters and get things done. The trend is a cool breeze for modern women, who balance multiple worlds of work, family and social life with grace.

Paithani sarees

Maharashtrian Paithani sarees, the art of paithani weaving has mesmerised not only Marathi women but almost all the saree-centric souls around. The sarees are emerging in demand this year under the ethnic fashion banner. Don't forget to grab your latest paithani silk saree to stay on track with the fashion.

Brasso sarees

Over the years, the saree has evolved to stay in line with the latest fashion trends. Its versatility is what makes it beautiful. Each saree gives you a different flavour of fashion. The Brasso sarees adorn you with a look that few sarees can match. Be it a Diwali, Eid, or your friend’s engagement, a Brasso saree flavours you with grandeur and elegance.

Patola Sarees

The Patola sarees are among the finest of handloom sarees from Gujarat. These beautiful weaves are rising in trend this year as in the past decade. The delicate weaves and motifs with great clarity and precision make them all the more special. Patola sarees are one among those eternal trends like kanjivarams and banarasis that never cease to amaze any woman.

Net Sarees

Net sarees are still ruling in the fashion scenes. Weddings and parties are glamorous with these net saree wonders. With the right accessories and attitude, the sarees are total scene-stealers. Its obvious they rule the party spaces with a bang. Yes, you are thinking right, it would be safe to have some trending stylish net sarees in your wardrobe.

Satin silk sarees

The smoothness of satin silk sarees can't be replaced by any other weaves. The sensuous saree never ceases to bring out the beauty of the woman they adorn. Sarees made of satin look extremely lavish and glamorous. Parties and satin silks are old pairs though the saree works for all occasions and events.


Be it any saree, the way one carries it matters the most. Enjoy each of these trending sarees. Try them to find out which ones make you more fabulous. These are the top 9 saree trends in India 2022.

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