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Updated: 1 day ago

Kanjivaram saree, an enamored drape. A kanjivaram silk saree can be an heirloom passed through generations or an instant buy out of window shopping. The elegance and charm of each kanjivaram saree capture you and never let you break out of it. The weaver's heart and soul you can see poured into a beautifully woven kanjivaram saree. Carry your kanjivaram saree look in such a way that you become an epitome of grandeur.

Styling tips for your Kanjivaram Silk Saree

  1. Always wear the right blouse

  2. Wear the right petticot for the saree

  3. Grab designs as per your body type.

  4. Reduce or increase the number of jewellery based on the saree design

  5. Get a real good pair of sandals or footwear for the saree time

  6. Go get that hair done

  7. Make up or not, wear a smile for sure.

1. Always wear the right blouse

Do remember this when it comes to sarees, the blouse is oxygen. A perfect blouse can glam up the look of a kanjivaram silk saree to next level. A plain kanjivaram saree would look elegant and royal if it is paired with a brocade blouse. Stay tuned with the blouse styles and trends to be a trend setter, even with your old saree collection. Check out some beautiful silk saree blouse designs here

2. Wear the right petticoat for the saree

A silk saree draped without the right petticot feels like a burden to the person wearing it. Choose the petticots according to the body types and saree fabrics. The perfect petticoats for kanjivaram silk sarees are always of cotton. Satin would also be good if your saree is heavy and well packed with embroidery work. They can be worn under semi silk sarees or handloom silk sarees.