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Banarasi Saree Fashion Trends - An Overview

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Indian designers have revived the industry and brought back the precious handlooms sarees in fashion. These designer versions of the Banarasi sarees are all about the elevating the grandeur and legacy combined with modern appeal.

The latest saree trends include floral, geometric, and stripes as patterns and designs. Embroidered weaves are another trending style that is a part of these saree collections. The change in these silks over time was majestic and hardly resemble the silks used by yester generations. The current refined version of banarasi weave is a perfect blend of fabrics, colour palette, and motifs without compromising the traditional factor.

Scriptures from various regions are woven into Banarasi silk sarees and it has become a raging trend. Other than these, we have a list of what women are loving about the Banarasi saree fashion trends.

Golden and Ivory Banarasi Saree:

Modern Indian girls are deeply rooted in their traditions; however, they are looking to experiment with a new look. Golden and Ivory Banarasi sarees are exactly what they need. If you choose this look, it is important to accessorise it with the right baubles to maintain the royal look. The golden color complements most Indian skin types and looks fabulous.

Georgette Banarasi Saree:

Women who cannot compromise with their comfort without giving up on their classy taste, are opting for lightweight banarasi georgette sarees. These sarees are easy to handle when compared with a heavy handloom banarasi silk saree and are one of the favorite banarasi type among modern young women in India

Banarasi Cotton silk Sarees:

Over the centuries, Banarasi sarees have undergone a makeover. To suit the needs of stylish girls, Banarasi cotton silk sarees have evolved as a traditional fashion trend. These sarees are woven on light fabric with a simple motif that makes them suitable for office wear. For such sarees, it is the way you carry them matters most. Beware, adding more accessories may kill the look of the saree.

Floral Banarasi Sarees:

Banarasi sarees with floral motifs have a mystical vintage charm and feminine allure that makes women look like nothing less than an ethereal goddesses. These patterns are back in fashion and are creating quite a stir in the fashion world.

Chiffon Banarasi Sarees:

Banarasi sarees on chiffon fabric one among the popular variant of banarasi silk blended sarees. Light in weight, these sarees are comfortable yet gorgeous in their appeal. This style is popular among the younger generation who wants to keep it cool yet stick to the traditions.

Banarasis are of many varieties and the silks have a huge fan base globally. These are timeless treasures that will never go out of fashion. The banarasi saree trends keep on evolving adorning every woman who drapes them in an ethereal way. If planning to buy a Banarasi silk saree, you can let go of all your inhibitions and upgrade your wardrobe without hesitation.

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